Are Expensive Grills Worth It?

expensive grills
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“Grilling enthusiasts agree that a good grill is an essential piece of outdoor cooking gear. Not all grills are created equal, however, and the most expensive grills on the market can be worth the investment for avid grillers. This article will define for you if expensive grills are worth it.

Higher-priced grills typically offer features like infrared heating, which cooks food evenly and quickly, and side burners for preparing sauces or side dishes. They may also come with warranties that cover repairs or replacements, making them a wise investment for those who grill often.”


Whenever it comes to grilling, there are plenty of alternatives available. I have experimented with grilling on both costly and inexpensive grills, and I must admit that there is a difference in the quality and the outcomes I received.

So that you can determine whether to splurge on a costly barbecue or stick with more reasonable ones, let me briefly describe my experience about whether expensive grills are worth it or not.

While some cheaper grills can provide decent performance, those who are serious about their grilling will likely find that the best grills on the market are worth the extra money.

What Is Considered A Luxury Grill?

A grill is considered a luxury if it possesses several side burners, a burner, a rotisserie, a searing station, and any other features that simplify the process of grilling.

In addition, luxury grills typically come in larger sizes, allowing meat preparation in larger quantities.

Things To Look For In A Luxury Grill

When searching for an elevated grill, there are a few fundamental characteristics that you should keep in mind, including the following:

Luxury Grills

Ceramic Briquettes 

The heat that is produced by a grill can be distributed in a variety of different ways. Some grills employ low-end methods such as heat shields in their construction.

These metal pieces are placed over the burners so that the heat can be distributed more evenly. Unfortuitously, these shields frequently corrode and wear out very quickly.

In my opinion, ceramic briquettes perform superiorly to other types of materials regarding the grilling experience. They have a propensity to store and uniformly distribute the heat, which results in an easier and more enjoyable experience when grilling.

Temperature Controls and Lighting 

Both the grill’s control surfaces and its illumination have seen significant improvements. For those who own a high-end grill, the outdated, unsightly knobs and sole, dim light have been removed.

Controls on contemporary grills are often inventive and aesthetically pleasing, making them an asset to the cooking process.

Heating and Cooking Options

Indirect heating on such an unlit burner by using the burners on the side of the grill is one of the creative cooking methods available on luxury grills. Simmering the meat in this manner yields delicious results.

Built-in Rotisserie System 

You might not require a rotisserie, but once you get one, you will be glad you have one. Many high-end grills come equipped with a whole rotisserie system, which features a motor that turns the meat and indirect burners to ensure that it is cooked to perfection.

You should give smoking a shot if you enjoy having barbecues for your meals. When I experimented with it, I discovered it was simple to carry out with a high-end gas grill featuring an integrated smoker.

That ended up saving me a great lot of money in comparison to purchasing a separate smoker.

Side Burners

While grilling the main item, you can use the additional area provided by side burners to prepare veggies. I experimented with high-end gas grills that included infrared side burners that could reach extremely high temperatures.

These burners gave the meal a flawless final sear.

Benefits of High-End Grills

Better Temperature Control 

The ability to regulate the temperature more precisely is one of the primary advantages of high-end gas grills. Because of this, you can cook the food at the precise temperature you select, making it much simpler to achieve the desired outcomes.

Due to this reason, my answer to the ques “are gas grills worth it?” is always a yes.

Evenly-Cooked Meat

More expensive barbecue grills provide an equal heat distribution, reducing the likelihood of food being burned or overcooked due to the cooking process.

high end grills

More Cooking Options

In addition, more cooking possibilities are available on high-end barbecues. This includes technologies like indirectly cooking and rotisseries that are incorporated right into the appliance.

These choices make it simpler to prepare various items, such as vegetables or cheese, which provides your menu with additional possibilities to meet your needs.

Better Materials

As was just discussed, high-end grills typically utilize superior materials in their construction. I noticed that higher-end grills had a thicker gauge of stainless steel, more durable components (hinges, tires, leg), and less plastic than lower-end grills.

This provided a surface resistant to rust, which made cleaning it after use much more uncomplicated. So, whenever you are confused about cheap vs. expensive charcoal grills, always choose the better material.

Better Looks

In general, high-end grills have a more aesthetically pleasing design. Luxury grills are easy to see and can enhance the overall appeal of a patio or outdoor kitchen. If you worry about appearances as much as I do, you should consider purchasing one of these barbecues.

 Better Value

In general, costlier gas barbecues are more cost-effective than less expensive grills. Compared to their less expensive competitors, they are more durable and offer more functionality.

We explained the answer to the question, “are expensive grills worth it?” let’s find out some more reasons to choose high-end grills.

Two Shortfalls Of Low-End Grills

Here’s why choosing a less expensive grill won’t benefit you in the long run:

short falls of low end grills

Spare Parts

For inexpensive gas grills, grilling grates, heat shields, and burners are typically the only pieces available. Finding manifolds, new valves, or other body pieces might be challenging or impossible unless you can source used spare parts.

Short Lifespan

Purchasing inexpensive grills increases the likelihood that you will need to replace them within a few decades because better-quality components and quality will last longer.

This could save you the money to install drop-in grills and buy a new countertop.

The countertop was always the first component to go when I was using a cheap barbecue.

What Makes A Grill Of High Quality?

A high-quality grill was constructed with care, using suitable materials, and correctly put together. There are several more excellent grills on the market, including:

  • Propane Grills or Gas Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Electric Grills

Your needs and financial situation will choose the finest grill for you.

Features of High-Quality Charcoal Grills

Airflow: Charcoal grills always have vents on the bottom that let air enter and pass through the charcoal.

Thermometer: A built-in temperature reading features high-quality charcoal grills that allow you to see how hot the grill is inside.

Ash catcher is a pan that collects the falling charcoal ashes.

Features of High-Quality Gas Grill or Propane Grills

Heat control: Most gas grills have controls that let you manage the heat generated.

Sturdy materials: A propane grill’s body is constructed from superior quality stainless steel, which won’t rust or deform. Cast iron or heavy-duty stainless steel are also used to make the grates.

Thermometer: To see how hot it is within the grill, a decent gas grill will feature a built-in temperature sensor or a thermometer. Gas grills are safer because they operate at lower temperatures and emit less smoke.

Back burner: On the grill side is a burner known as a side burner. It can prepare side dishes or meals that have to be kept warm.

Features of High-Quality Electric Grills

Heat controls: A top-notch electric grill will include settings that let you manage the heat.

Sturdy materials: The grill’s body is constructed from high-grade metal that won’t rust or warp, providing a more durable design.

Timer improves quality control by allowing you to program the length of time the grill will remain on.

Final Verdict

While talking about “are expensive grills worth it?” If you want a grill that should endure for so many years and has features that make it simple to operate, an expensive grill is an excellent investment.

These grills often include premium building methods and materials, providing exceptional durability and a larger cooking area. Thermometer gauges and timers are helpful features that make it simpler to use. 


1. How much does a high-quality grill cost?

A high-quality grill can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

2. Is it worth spending that much money on a grill?

It depends on your needs and budget. If you plan on using your grill regularly and want something that will last for many years, then spending more money on a better quality grill is likely worth it.

However, if you only grill occasionally or are on a tight budget, then a less expensive grill may be a better option.

3. What are some features to look for in a high-quality grill?

Some features to look for in a high-quality grill include a durable construction, plenty of cooking space, multiple heat settings, and even heat distribution.

4. What are some of the best high-end grill brands?

Some of the best high-end grill brands include Weber, Big Green Egg, and Traeger.

5. How can I care for my expensive grill to make it last?

To make your expensive grill last, be sure to clean it after each use, cover it when not in use, and perform any necessary maintenance such as replacing parts as needed.

6. How do I choose the right grill for me?

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you may be wondering if it’s worth spending extra for a high-quality model.

After all, grills can be expensive, and you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide if an expensive grill is worth the investment. 

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