Charcoal Tray for Gas Grill

Charcoal Tray for Gas Grill
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“The Charcoal tray for the gas grill is a good way to protect the grill from the charcoal and it makes it easy to move the coals around. This article will explain all the ways how can you handle the tray with ease. We hope we were able to answer all your queries in this article. Go through for all the information and you will know the details as well”


If you own a gas grill, you have probably thought about whether or not we can add charcoal to a grill as an additional heat source at some point.

It becomes easier if you have a charcoal tray for the gas grill. Almost all grill people want their food to have that distinctive smoky flavor that can only be achieved with charcoal grills.

No question that using a gas grill to prepare meals is more straightforward, but the quality of the food produced by a gas grill cannot compare to that produced by a charcoal grill.

Using a gas barbecue grill makes it easy to grill your favorite BBQ items in a short amount of time, but it does not produce the smoky flavor you might be searching for.

Adding Charcoal To A Gas Grill

In the world of cooking, there is no such thing as an impossible task. Every weekend, you may prepare mouthwatering meals by adding coals to a gas grill and cooking whatever you like.

However, this is very dependent on the kind of gas grill that you have available to you.

While some gas grills come pre-assembled with just a charcoal tray for the gas grill, which enables you to put coal over the burners, others do not come with this feature and do not have a charcoal tray.

A charcoal tray for gas grills is an add-on item that enables you to put charcoal into a gas barbecue. The charcoal box for gas grills is sold separately.

Because the tray uses the burner system or auto-ignition system of the barbecue, there is no need to use a flammable liquid to get the charcoal started.

This saves you the trouble of igniting the charcoal and helps your food retain its signature smokey flavor.

As the meal cooks, the coals will fall into a drip pan placed below the grill, making clean-up a breeze and making the process go more quickly.

The pan is simple to remove, and in most instances, additional equipment is not required to clean the ash that is still on the grill after it has been cleaned.

If your propane burner does not include a removable charcoal tray or a simple one, you should not even attempt putting charcoal on it because doing so will cause irreparable damage to the high-priced parts of the grill.

Most contemporary grills can only withstand the heat generated by their built-in burners and not by charcoal.

Besides, gas grills come standard with incredibly fragile components, meaning adding charcoal may harm these parts, and you might have to replace them or purchase a new grill altogether.

Find out directly from the manufacturer of your gas grill whether it comes with such a charcoal tray for gas bbq and whether you can purchase an additional tray separately. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If this is not the case, you must buy a smoking tube or a smoker box to produce smoke on any gas grill.

Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray

A charcoal tray for a napoleon gas grill is a term that refers to an optional item that may be purchased for certain contemporary grills.

This accessory will allow you to place coals over the burners of your grill and will replace the grates that are already there.

A charcoal tray for a gas grill is an excellent add-on component that allows you to light the charcoal utilizing the ease of the easy-to-light burner system.

Charcoal trays may be purchased online. You will not need any lighting fluid to get your charcoal to light!

In addition to this, as charcoal burns, the ash will fall into the drip pan, making it very simple to clean up. In this manner, the Napoleon Charcoal and Smoker Tray enable you to convert most of Napoleon’s gas grills into devices capable of using charcoal as a fuel source.

You will be able to transform your Prestige, Napoleon Prestige Pro, LE series gas barbecue, or LEX into a coal barbecue and smoker, which will improve the meal’s flavor.

Benefits of the Napoleon Charcoal & Smoker Tray

Every Napoleon grill is constructed to resist the intense heat generated by charcoal. In place of one of the sear plates on your gas grill, the charcoal tray may be easily inserted into the space right above the burners.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing such charcoal trays is eliminating the requirement for lighter fluid. It requires very little maintenance and can be installed in either half of the Napoleon grill in a single step.

In addition, you may use it as a smoker thanks to the included smoking tray that can hold wood chips. These kinds of trays work well for indirectly cooking on a rotisserie.

How To Use The Charcoal Tray

Take out the cooking grids and plates, lay the charcoal tray for gas grills on top of the burners, add charcoal, and put the cooking grids back in place.

After using your burners to get the charcoal to a red glow, switch them off and proceed to grill using the modern charcoal method. In addition, the small wooden box is located on the side, allowing you to add a flavor of wood smoke to any of your favorite foods.

When lighting the coals, you should make use of a chimney starter. Getting your coals ready to use in a charcoal barbecue takes the longest time of any step in the procedure. Do not give in to the temptation of using lighter fluid.

These will finish up imparting their flavor onto your food, which is something that none of us desires. To fire the coals, you should use a chimney starter instead.

Using this product is quite simple: first, stuff some newspaper into the bottom of the starter, then fill the rest of the space with charcoal. After that, ignite the bottom, and allow the scientific method to take over from there.

Utilizing a gas grill allows you to achieve the taste of charcoal by combining it with the wood chips of your choice.

Napoleon barbecues require the Napoleon Charcoal and Smoker Tray to function correctly.

By learning how to smoke on a gas grill, you may add the smoky flavor of coal or wood to the dishes you prepare on your gas barbeque in the Algarve. However, you could also discover how to cook on a charcoal grill.


Do you have the same enthusiasm for this product that we do? You are now prepared to engage in traditional charcoal cooking in a straightforward and contemporary manner! Take pleasure in the taste of charcoal whenever you like, and transform your popular gas grill into something like a charcoal grill and a smoker for enhanced flavor in the food you prepare using a charcoal tray for the gas grill.


How to use a charcoal tray for a gas grill?

A charcoal tray is placed over the heat source of a gas grill. The holes in the bottom of the tray allow the heat to pass through to the coals, igniting them. The wood chips or chunks placed on top of the coals will smolder and flavor the food as it cooks.

What are the benefits of using a charcoal tray for a gas grill?

A charcoal tray for a gas grill imparts a more authentic flavor to grilled foods. It also allows for better temperature control than simply using gas alone.

Is it safe to use a charcoal tray for a gas grill?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a charcoal tray for a gas grill, as long as the grill is properly ventilated.

Can I use any type of wood chips or chunks in my charcoal tray for the gas grill?

Yes, you can use any type of wood chips or chunks that you like. However, different woods will impart different flavors to your food. Experiment to find the flavor that you like best.

What is the difference between a wood chip and a wood chunk?

Wood chips are small pieces of wood that have been shaved or cut from a larger piece. Wood chunks are larger pieces of wood that have been cut into smaller pieces, typically around the size of a golf ball. Both types of wood will smolder and flavor your food, but chunks will last longer.

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