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“This guide will walk you through the basics of how to use a smoker box. A smoker box is a great way to add flavor to your food, and it can be used with any type of grill. The most important thing to remember when using a smoker box is to soak the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes before using them. This will help to prevent the chips from burning up and creating too much smoke.

It is how you can use a smoker box, including bit-by-bit guidelines and tips for care and support. All barbecued food is great. I figure we can settle on that. Yet, I figure we can concur that barbecued food with a hit of smokiness is far better. Our ancestors have been using the smoking process for a very long time, and no doubt they enjoyed the best food.

What to do assuming your picked cooker utilizes gas rather than wood or charcoal? Or, on the other hand, your smoking dreams are hampered by an absence of room for a devoted smoker”

Get A Smoker Box

In the following few minutes, I will explain the features of a smoker box, why you need one , and how to use a smoke box bit by bit. As a little extra, I’ll share some guidance for keeping up with your smoker box for quite a long time into the future at no additional charge.

Do you Know About the Smoker Box and How to Use a Smoker Box?

Smoker boxes are little, rectangular metal boxes typically made of steel; however, in some cases, cast iron is intended for use on a grill. Their motivation is to empower smoking, or the implantation of smoke flavor, on a standard barbecue smoking without using any smoker.

Wood will go inside the smoker might be an opening in the side of the case for lighting the wood inside. The removable or pivoted cover will be either punctured or slatted. Some smoker boxes are empty inside, while others might have inside channels to assist with controlling the consumption rate.

Guidelines on How to Use your Smoker Box

1. Placing dry wood contributes to your smoker box. The explanation individuals douse their wood chips initially is to keep them from bursting into flames.

Your smoker box doesn’t have openings on the base, so the wood chips shouldn’t burst into flames. Indeed, you can utilize splashed wood chips with your smoker box, assuming you need them; however, it will take some time for them to begin delivering smoke. We suggest dry wood chips for the best outcomes.

how to use a smoker box

2. Place the smoker box near any intensity source. On a gas barbecue, that implies on top of the burners. In the case of utilizing charcoal, it is put straightforwardly on top of the charcoal.

It would be best if you put your burners on is the best setting to get the smoker box hot enough to begin delivering smoke. Depending on your barbecue, the container might require 10 minutes to warm up.

3. When the smoker box is ready to deliver smoke, you can keep the cooking temperature regular. It will remain sufficiently hot to create smoke throughout the cooking system. Put your food on the barbecue and partake in the delectable smoky flavor.

Just Think, What if your Wood Chips Get Fired?

There are no openings under the smoke box, so there is no place for wood chips to get fire; moreover, the blazing point of wood is about 600 degrees, while smoking meat only needs 220 degrees.

If your wood chips are bursting into flames, your barbecue is on excessively high, or you heaped such a large number of charcoals around the smoker box. Have a go at drenching your wood chips first to bring down the glimmer point, and kindly turn the temp down.

Which wood chips are good to use? Will my Smoker Box, In the long run, twist?

The most concerning issue with smoker boxes is that they twist. That is why we fostered the Cavern Devices smoker box with additional thick rock solid hardened steel that essentially decreases twisting.

Smoker boxes ordinarily are presented to outrageous intensity for significant periods. In the end, over the long run, some distorting might begin to happen accordingly. 

That is completely fine. We back our smoker takes care of with a lifetime unconditional promise. While it’s likely not going to last you a genuine lifetime, if anytime you feel unsatisfied with the solidness/execution of your smoker box and need your cash back, just let us know.

Ways and Tips on How to use a Smoker Box

To capitalize on a smoker box, you want to know how to utilize it appropriately. Here is a tip and a stunt to remember while utilizing a smoker box. Cold meat directly from the fridge ingests smoke better compared to room-temperature meat.

Keep the top of your grill shut as much as expected while your meat is smoking. It is to guarantee your smoke appropriately saturates the meat however much as could be expected and doesn’t get away.

Highlights Each Great Smoker Box has

Since it has become so obvious how to utilize a smoker box, you’re most likely quick to get your hands on one for yourself. However, before you click ‘Add to Truck’ on your brand new smoker box, watch out for the accompanying elements:

smoker box

Made notch metals with top A smoker box should be made with great metals, for example, steel or cast iron, to keep the container from liquefying and distorting. Excellent metal smoker boxes will set you back somewhat more. However, they’ll endure a ton longer.

It has a Customary Plan.

Like with two or three things throughout everyday life, basic is better regarding a smoker box’s plan. A smoker box should highlight fixed openings for legitimate progression of smoke without gambling any debris getting away and arriving on your meat.

It has a Non-Stick Covering

Without a non-stick covering, a smoker box will be troublesome and undesirable to clean. As wood chips consume, they make debris which can obstruct the openings if it stalls. If you’re utilizing your smoker box straightforwardly under meat on the barbecue, squeezes and fats will likewise tumble down into it, which should be cleaned.

It is not Difficult to Utilize

Pick a smoker box with a top-open cover to ensure that you can top off the wood chips while it’s still on the barbecue. The shape of your smoker box ought to fit effectively in your grill for ideal outcomes.

The Wood That Is Best To Use For Making a Smoker

best smoker woods


Assuming you have significant familiarity with smoking meats, you’ll realize that there are numerous wood chip choices accessible. Here is a speedy manual for the fundamental sorts of wood chips and when you ought to utilize them:


Applewood is the best wood to smoke chicken, beef, mutton and different wild animals. Applewood’s flavor profile is gentle with a somewhat sweet trailing sensation. Be careful that Applewood is a delicate smoke, so it will require several hours for the smoke to saturate the meat.


These wood chips are, for the most part, utilized while smoking salmon; however, their sensitive flavor fits most sorts of fish. Birchwood chips have a light, inconspicuous sweet flavor.


Wood chips made from cherry are perfect for smoking all types of meat yet are the best for turkey, ham and chicken. Its sweet and fruity flavor will make your dish more delicious.

Grape Plant

These wood chips function admirably with sheep, pork, and poultry. Grape plant wood chips have a sharp and tart flavor with a mix of fruit flavors. Since grape plant wood chips give serious areas of strength for such, use them sparingly.


Wood chips from hickory have a special connection with the shoulder and ribs of pork from very old times. These wood chips have areas of strength for a bacon-like flavor. Like grape plant chips, use it sparingly to avoid over-seasoning your meat.


Maple wood chips can be seen used with game fowl and poultry meats. It tastes unpretentious, with a somewhat sweet taste.


Mesquite chips are good with red meat. It has. Mesquite wood chips give major areas of strength for a flavor so ensure you don’t utilize a lot of it.


Oak wood chips are ideally suited for sheep, meat, brisket, and wieners. They are in the middle between chips of decision when apple chips are excessively light, and mesquite chips are major areas of strength for excessively.


Walnut has a rich, sweet, nutty flavor profile that works best with poultry; however, one can utilize it on most meats.

Smoker Box Recipes

You can enjoy many delicious dishes by using this small box. 

  • Smoked grilled chicken
  • Beef barbeque 
  • Smoked pepper salmon
  • Smoked grilled pork raps

Cleaning of a Smoker Box

Permit your smoker box to cool before purging or cleaning it. Any unused chips or pellets can be taken out and put away for utilization some other time. Dumping debris into a metal can provide for removal for outright wellbeing.

cleaning of a smoker box

Never attempt to wash the debris from a full smoker box, or you could wind up with a case of extremely difficult muck on your hands. Get remains far from your channel to try not to obstruct your lines. Better to flush out your, for the most part, void smoker box with the nursery hose.

Wash it with lukewarm water and a gentle dish cleanser when it’s pretty much wiped out.

Smoker Box Care

These are a couple of basic hints to expand the existence of your smoke box:

Completely dry with the material in the wake of washing to forestall rusting.

How do you store it after you are done using a smoke box? Try to clean the smoke box after use and apply cooking oil to avoid rusting. Use a non-stick splash or a light layer of cooking oil inside hardened steel boxes to make debris evacuation a breeze.


Now, as you fully know how to use a smoke box, you can enjoy your outdoor cooking with amazing smoked flavor. You can also try different smoker box recipes with mutton, pork, beef and chicken. A box is a worthy investment if you are a big fan of smoked food.


1. How to use a smoker for beginners?

It would be best to open your box, put the coal or wood in it, heat it, and be ready to smoke your food.

2. How to use a smoker box in the oven?

Fill the indisputable evidence with chips, substituting the smoke speed from high to low like clockwork for 30 minutes. After this cycle, immediately remove the hose and seal up the tinfoil catching the smoke. Pop on the stove for 2 1/2 hours.

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