How to Grill Beef Ribs?

how to grill beef ribs
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“People who love good, fall off the bone ribs need not apply. If you don’t have space in your backyard or just want to spend less money on Bar BQ gear than what it would cost for a grilling”

With some hard work and creativity and maybe even ask friends if they’re willing, there’s no reason why anyone can’t enjoy equally delicious grilled beef ribs chops instead of smoking them over indirect heat inside an inconveniently small area at home especially when we know how much everyone loves having guests over after spending time together during grilling season.

Chef Comments

I love beef ribs. They’re one of my very favorite cuts to cook on the BBQ and they taste just as good.

A little less fatty than other meats, but still packed with flavor – I like their burnt ends style sometimes (though not always). So how do you smoke a perfect rack? 

This article has all of the detailed instructions for cooking these babies up beautifully.

Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are the king of all BBQ meats. They’re big, bone-like strips that come from beef or pork cowes and can weigh up to 2 pounds each. 

The best way to enjoy these tasty treats? Buy them as individual short plates (a few per pack) so you have plenty on hand at any given time – also known simply ‘short ribeyes’.

What You Need

  • A smoker Grill
  • Two trays
  • Aluminum foil roll
  • Braising liquid it can be beer, stout or beef stock 

Ingredients And Quantity

  • Short Ribs : 04
  • French’s Yellow Mustard: 2 Tbsp
  • Black Peppercorns: 60g 
  • Kosher Salt Or Sea Salt: 20g
  • Garlic Powder: 01 Tbsp
  • Smoked Paprika: 01 Tbsp
  • Tsp cayenne pepper (optional) or any other spice you want to add. 

Pro Tips By Experts

  • Short ribs are a delicacy that can be prepared in many different ways. There’s the plate short rib, which comes from closer to the shoulder and has more connective tissue than its smaller counterpart. 
  • Beef Ribs will cost you extra money but also give an entirely different flavor. The chuck-based variety is typically cheaper because they’re cut further down near bone level. 
  • If we want those succulent falling off bones type of feeling then nothing beats eating fresh. 
  • Ribs come if a layer of fats it’s a thick layer. It’s completely your choice if you want to keep it or remove it. 
  • To check for this layer, look at your ribs from the side. If they are comprised of:
  • Bone-thick meat with a thinning coating over it. 
  • Bone-, thick meat and/or tough fibers packed closely together beneath an outer covering or cuticle. 
  • When removinginis done right , you’ll end up having tasty Middle Eastern Style Ribs without any hassle whatsoever

Grilling The Ribs

  • The Texas rub is a classic that never goes out of style. This time around I’ve added some spices for good measure, but it’s still very much inspired by my love affair with beef ribs.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine 60g black peppercorns with 20 g kosher salt until moistened well enough so that they form a wet paste like consistency. 
  • Add one tablespoon of garlic powder and smoked paprika for added flavor before grinding again on second speed setting in order to fetus sized spice blend called “blackening” which can be used as alternative method adding color instead if desired .
  • Cayenne pepper may also optional but recommended since it provides extra warmth when ingested.

Applying Mustard Paste

To help the rub stick, I like to cover my ribs in a thin layer of mustard. The flavor is subtle but helps bind everything together. 

So that you don’t end up with loose pieces when cutting into your brisket or beef later on during the cooking process. 

Putting on the Grill

When you’re putting on a rib rack, make sure that the meat is facing down with its thickest part closest to the heat source. This will ensure an even cooking process and avoid burning or drying out any parts of your meal.

When it comes time to cook your brisket, make sure you put some aluminum foil on top of the meat so that all those delicious bark flavors can accumulate in each slice as they rest.

After 4 hours smoking away at 200°F internal temperature with no unwrapping or uncovering during any part of this process be mindful not only about checking for doneness by using an instant-read thermometer but also giving them 15 minutes.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to the best ribs in town, you don’t beats these babies. Lightly browned and finger-licking good they are sure not going anywhere anytime soon with their tangy sweet slaw or spicy BBQ sauce that has some heat for added joy of existence. So go ahead slurp up every last bite because no one said life would be easy around here.

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